Why Consider Environmentally Friendly Gifts?

So the Sun Can Shine in Real Clear Skies!
Because Bags Aren't Leaves!

And most of all, consider giving environmentally
friendly gifts for our children...

And for so many other reasons -

We at GoGreenGift believe that Love can turn the tide
away from destroying our future.
We can save our environment, and Save our Earth,
because we love our children.

Now is the time to turn the tide in our homes.

Together we will make the difference
between a green future and our dirty past.
The difference is life.

The only way to prevent irreversible destruction to our earth is to change the way we treat our environment.
We can all learn to protect and preserve the Earth.
Giving environmentally friendly gifts such as the GoGreenGift kit can help everyone make the transition quick, simple and economical.

Scientists attest that Global Warming is real, our water supply is rapidly dwindling due to contamination and our air quality is contributing to
asthma, allergies and even deaths from lung and respiratory diseases. Medical researchers acknowledge that many cancers and other diseases are directly related to the use of synthetic petrochemicals. We can make significant improvements in these situations by makeing changes to our practices when it comes to building, food production, power generation and waste management.

Since our children are smaller than we are, they're the ones most affected by the poisons in our environment, and they're the ones who will
benefit from the changes we make now. Protecting our children is our responsibility, and leaving them the legacy of a healthy planet is the only
responsible path we can take. Let's join the amazing people already at work to forge a healthful, joyful future for ourselves and for all the children of the world.

Our Eco Friendly Gift Bag is an Eco-Starter Kit, designed to help friends and loved ones discover how simple it is to save the planet and save
money, too. We've assembled some of the best products available to help save electricity, save water, avoid foods contaminated with poisonous
pesticides, and to prevent contaminating our soil, water and air with petrochemicals, mercury and nitrogen. We can reduce our dependence on
fossil fuels and save money by learning about alternative energies and preserving our natural resources. We can turn the tide if we act now.

The Environmentally Friendly Gift, GoGreen Gift, comes complete with the booklet, "Mother Earth's EcoGuide: The Why and How to GoGreen".
This booklet is filled with articles on ways to Go Green and Stay Green. Below is a list and summary of these articles included in your GoGreen Gift!

Energy Analysis at Home:
Statistics about home energy usage with tips for improving efficiency.

Home sick? Push on for healthier houses
Indoor air quality can be dangerous for your health

Healthy Homes = Healthy Children
Developing lungs are at greater risk from pollutants such as smoke and mold.

Holistic Health Tips for the Home
Furniture, paints, floor coverings can all trigger respiratory distress.

Green Design: The Future has Arrived
Incorporating health and efficiency into home design.

Lush Green Paradise
Enjoy a private island home that’s eco-friendly and fueled by the sun!

Energy: Today and in the Future
Power plants and their impacts on our environment.

Better Ideas: Alternative Energies
Renewable energy is here today!

The Air We Breathe
Why air quality matters.

Sweet Clear Water
Risks facing our water supply and what we can do to help.

Food: An Everyday Delight
Choosing safe foods.

Healthy School Lunches
Feeding your most important resource.

Chemical Consequences
Article on the consequences of using chemicals in our farms.

Cosmetics: Color at What Cost?
Article on what really goes into your cosmetics.

Children's Health Environmental Coalition
Article about the Children's Health Environmental Coalition

Waste Issues
Article about our country's trash and waste systems.

Engender a Greater Sense of Environmental Stewardship by Exploring Nature Article about how each of us can take more responsibility for the care of our planet.



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