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Trish Riley, creator of the eco friendly product, GoGreenGift and owner of our parent company, Culturally Creative Concepts, is an award-winning environmental and investigative journalist whose stories have been published in E/The Environmental Magazine, Natural Home and Garden, Shift, the magazine of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Inside-Out Magazine, Beach Houses, Palm Beach Post's First Sunday Magazine, The Miami Herald and many other newspapers and magazines. She's author of an eco-friendly guide to Florida's Gold Coast, Palm Beach, Miami and the Florida Keys: A Great Destination (Countryman Press, July 2005) and contributor to several other travel guides.

Trish and her childhood friends organized a neighborhood clean-up to celebrate the first Earth Day in 1970. Today a mother of two, she feels an even stronger commitment to help preserve our Earth for future generations. That's why she created the eco friendly product, GoGreenGift, so those of us in the know can help others Get It.

We can turn the tide if we act now.

GoGreenGift is featured in the following publications:
E/The Environmental Magazine
Natural Home and Garden Magazine
South Florida Adventures Magazine

Proud member of Co-op America, with approved listing in their National Green Pages:

Proud member of Frontier Natural Products Co-op since 1981!

Give your friends and family the GoGreenGift, it's a wonderful eco friendly product and a great way to help others learn how they can Go Green!

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