Preserve the Earth for Future Generations!
Do it for your Babies!

Help friends and loved ones discover how simple it is to save the planet and save money, too.

You know it's essential to our health to protect our environment. Spread the word. Our GoGreenGift provides the WHY and HOW to establish environmentally-friendly practices in everyday life.

By giving your loved ones our reusable bag stuffed with a variety of top products for harmonious living, you're helping the earth.

If you have any questions about our Eco Friendly Gift Bags, contact us today!

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CIG To Green Living

CIG to Greening Your Business 

Let us help  you GoGreen!! 

The Kit Includes...

Compact Fluorescent Lighting
Low-Flow Shower Head
Organic Fruit Leather
Organic Coffee and Tea
Herbal Body Care
GoGreen EcoGuide
Contacts & Resources

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