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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Here's a cool link from EcoFactory - thanks Roquois!

A few things I enjoyed at Green Cities Florida

I must say...Green Cities™ Florida was really cool. I browsed the showcase filled with green organizations. I met some really interesting people like Trish Riley, a journalist and author of the popular book "The Idiots Guide to Green Living". I listened to a few speakers and had a few favorites, one being Marci Zaroff. She was interesting to me because she was into organic fashion. Read more

Ecological Footprint Quiz

Redefining Progress and the Center for Sustainable Economy have created an ecological footprint calculator to measure individual and business impact on carbon, food, housing, and goods and services, and indicates how many global acres of cropland, pastureland, marine fisheries, and forests are impacted. The quiz is available in five languages, has footprint data for 147 countries and won an Outstanding Achievement Award from Interactive Media Awards. Check it out:


The National Mall is going green - finding ways to recycles tons of trash! Coca-Cola kicked in $1 million to start the program, a pilot for the National Park Service that may spread to parks across the country. Fox News has the story: National Mall Gets Set to Go Green.

So cool to see big biz and fair news getting on board! :) t*

Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn Overlooking Manhattan Skyscrapers

Neighbors have joined together to create a farm full of vegetables towering over Brooklyn. Pitching in their compost and labor, the team expects to harvest more than enough for their own needs, and will sell excess to local restaurants, delivered by bike. Check out this inspiring story and consider whether there might be a roof in your urban community that would benefit from the added insulation of going green!

Alex sent this to us from newyork.seriouseats.com

Thanks, Alex!

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